About Us


Do not be confused by those who use descriptions very closely resembling Southern Steele MC.

SOUTHERN - We fly the tattered remains of the Southern Cross. The Southern Cross is the most commonly known, and easily identifiable of all southern constellations. Can you look South and see the Southern Cross? Only those South of 30 degrees lattitude like us are able. We are SOUTHERN.

STEELE - Steele is the surname earned by one who is inflexible, hard, enduring, and stands firm ready for the storm. Through time and steady deliberation we've earned our MC and the priviledge to fly our colors. Our patch wasn't handed out between pals at a barbeque. We are brothers and family. We are STEELE.

A group of dedicated supporters were hand picked and invited by the Sons of Silence Motorcycle Club’s Florida Chapter to form our own Club. After years of pursuing our task and supporting the Sons Nation, we were officially established in May 2009 as SOUTHERN STEELE MC. We join other Sons of Silence MC’s Support Clubs across the nation in our love of the ride, brotherhood, loyalty, and the freedoms an open road offers. We LOVE to ride.

Southern Steele is affiliated only with the Sons Of Silence Motorcycle Club and it’s support clubs.
We offer respect to those clubs who share the road and support our ideals.
We seldom notice those who don't . . .